Bats of Leisure is a workshop teaching duo of

siblings Aaron and Aoife Billings


Since the younger, Aoife, could use her hands, we have created together. We utilised the act of making as a way of building meaning and charm in our lives. Bats of Leisure is just an adult name for what we have always done.

We are gratified this desire to create and learn from each other has transformed naturally into a real-life business where we get to share this knowledge through our workshops.

We regularly teach textiles and sewing workshops for Signal Arts (City of Melbourne), and embroidery workshops for RMIT University.

Workshop teachers, Bats of Leisure founders

Aaron and Aoife Billings

Photo by Tibor McNab

Separately, we are both practising fine artists.

Aoife has graduated from Fashion Design and Technology at RMIT and is a textiles based artist who works mainly with embroidery. .

Aaron is an illustrator, printmaker, quilter and textile artist, working over a vast number of mediums, often focused on identity politics and waste.

Bats of Leisure’s past projects have included making handmade and hand-embroidered one off pieces of clothing for our collections ‘Foster 2013’ and ‘Wilderness 2014’ as well as collaborations with local artists to make films and installation works.

View our previous work here

A sincere interest in creating an inclusive, community-focussed, creative experience is integral to every aspect of Bats of Leisure’s workshops. We believe in providing an alternative to the lure of fast fashion, to indulge in the beauty of textiles and clothing through creating, without contributing to the continuation of the current structure of the fashion industry, the second most harmful industry on our planet, second only to oil and coal.